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Introducing Anipure Pet Products

Welcome! We are really excited to launch our website for Anipure Pet Products  and our first product for dogs and cats: the BendiBrush.

Anipure Pet Products is a lifestyle company for pets and the people who love them. We started it 2014, because as a licensed groomer and a couple of pet parents, we were inspired to create fabulous products by an awesome dog named Charlie, our brand ambassador, and two fabulous cats, Maxi, our other brand ambassador, and Dexter.

Our goal is to develop, manufacture and sell innovative, natural and healthy pet products that solve problems for dogs and cats and their people. What sets Anipure apart from our competition are products that are uniquely designed with both the pet and their owner in mind. We are committed to creating natural, safe, high quality and innovative products that address identified needs in the pet product market by combining intensive research with world-class design, manufacturing, packaging and premium human grade ingredients.

 Our Philosophy and Values are:

  • Empowering People and Their Pets Through Our Products and Stellar Customer Support
  • Giving Back to Pets and People Through Charitable WorksOur first product, the BendiBrush, was designed by a groomer and created for the dog's and cat's body in mind! This dog and cat brush has unique and flexible bristles and a bendable body that is great for detangling and removing knots and excess undercoat.  It's unique pet brush design helps with hard to reach places for brushing dog and cat fur.  This dog and cat brush has rounded tips that are gentle on a dog's and cat's body and skin and helps massage your pet as well.  The multiple size bristles are great for both short hair cats and long hair cats as well as short hair dogs and long hair dogs.  The bendable brush helps cut grooming time and makes for a great experience for dogs and cats and their owners


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