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A Clean Green Home For Spring- Brush your Cat & Dog!

Spring time is a wonderful time of the year! The beautiful weather, the blossoming flowers and trees! Unfortunately that also means it’s pollen and shedding season. You can enjoy a clean green home, help your family and friends with allergies and pamper your pet at the same time by regular brushing. All cats and dogs, long haired, short haired, double coat or single coated shed on a daily basis. Spring time though your pet will shed excessively. Regular brushing prevents the loose hairs from falling on the floor and furniture and removes the dry dander from your pet’s skin. The dander floating around the house aggravates allergies. Brushing stimulates the production of natural oils in the hair follicles of your pet’s skin, conditioning the epidermis and helping prevent dander. The rounded tip bristles of the BendiBrush gently glide through the fur and over the skin, removing loose fur and dander and distributing the oils. Brushing is so much more fun than vacuuming and your pet and family will be so happy sitting on fur free furniture.

Help Allergies Brush with BendiBrush

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