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A Happy Puppy is a Detangled Puppy

We all have fun teaching our eager puppy how to sit and shake hands.  We realize the importance of helping our puppy be less anxious when leave the house and heal when we walk across the street.  But it is also so important to teach our puppy that grooming is fun -at home or at the groomer’s!  It’s not only for vanity but also for their health. Tangles and matts can create skin irritations and problems and brush aversion creates chaos!  We want our puppy to have fun and come bouncing over when we pull out the brush!  Create a “puppy and me time”, bond with your puppy. Start with a treat and a gentle brush on the back.  The shape of the BendiBrush fits easily in your hand, your puppy thinks at first he’s getting a good pet!  The bendability of the body of the BendiBrush allows you to comfortably brush the contours of your pups body.  It’s important to brush every bit, the legs, the belly, the face. Let them feel how fun brushing is!  The wonderfully soft Puppy fur will also start to shed as your puppy matures and adult fur grows in.  It is important to brush and remove the loose fur and prevent tangles that lead to matting.  Hold knots and tangles with your fingers at the base of the knot and gently brush through.  The multiple height and flexible bristles of the BendiBrush separate and gently work through tangles. Brushing can be a wonderful experience for you and your puppy. Your puppy will be happy, healthy and beautiful!


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