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Brush Time Can Be Playtime For Your Cat!

Cats can really amuse themselves and find fun and games with the simplest things! Cats can spend hours playing in and around a box. A crumpled piece of paper is a night’s entertainment. Let your cat’s brush become a favorite plaything, ( one that will actually keep him healthy and beautiful). Let your cat become fascinated by the brush rather than running away from it. Show your cat the BendiBrush, (the multiple height bristles of the BendiBrush are rounded flexible nylon). Your cat will become intrigued and may start brushing his chin and ears up against the bristles. The BendiBrush fits comfortably in your hand, allowing you to quietly hold the brush out to your cat and let him enjoy doing the brushing himself. It becomes more of a game than a grooming session. The more your cat is confident around the brush and has fun with it, the longer the sessions can become, and the more proactive you can be brushing other parts of his body. A fun and healthy activity for everybody!

BendiBrushing  Is Playtime!

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