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Brushing Can Help Protect Your Dog & Cat From Ticks & Fleas

Spring and Summer are the seasons for outdoor fun, but it is also the season for ticks and fleas. It’s smart to try and protect your pet against any harm so you can both enjoy the outdoors. Regular monitoring is critical to ensure a healthy pet and visual checks are necessary. Fleas and ticks feed on your pet’s skin and blood. Their saliva usually causes an allergic reaction to the epidermis. Your dog or cat will bite and scratch at the skin to the point of causing wounds and inflammation of the skin and fur loss. Regular brushing allows you to thoroughly observe any abnormalities in the skin and fur. Fleas and ticks like to hide in warm protected areas of the body like the arm pits, groin and ears, but can be found all over, even the eye lids and between toes. The bendable body of the BendiBrush allows you to easily reach and brush all areas so you can quickly observe and check your pet's skin and fur. Your pet thinks it’s relaxing spa time, not aware that it is a crucial time to keep him healthy.
Have a happy healthy Spring and Summer!

BendiBrushing During Flea and Tick Season

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