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Brushing Feels so Good!

The many benefits of regular brushing - A happy, healthy, pet and a clean, healthy home. A short brushing session is a special time for you and your pet to relax and bond. It’s a quiet time to calm your dog or cat and for you to ensure your pet’s health. Your pet will think they are being massaged, but brushing actually promotes circulation and the distribution of natural oils on your pets’ skin, keeping his skin and body healthy. Brushing removes the loose fur and dander - especially important now during the warmer months to keep your pet cool and comfortable. Brushing out the loose fur will reduce tangles and prevent matts from forming. Matts are painful to remove and can trap bacteria leading to skin issues. The uniquely designed bristles in multiple heights of the BendiBrush quickly and effectively brush through the coat to remove loose fur and dander and gently work through tangles. The rounded tips of the bristles prevent any scratching or discomfort. The soft ergonomically designed body of the BendiBrush easily bends to contour around your pet’s shape as you brush. By the end of the brushing session you will both be relaxed and comfortable. Not only does it feel good for your dog and cat to get rid of that hot, dirty loose fur, but you will be delighted to be sitting on clean furniture without picking up strands of fur on your clothes. To help with that, the back of the BendiBrush glides over furniture and floors to gather and pick up any loose fur. The benefits of brushing - everyone feels great!

BendiBrushing Feels so GoodBendiBrushing Feels so Good

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