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Brushing the Siberian Cat with a 3 Layer Coat

Maxi loves to show off her gorgeous coat! Our AnipurePets Brand Ambassador, Maxi, is a Siberian Cat. The Siberian is breed for the winter and terrain of Russia, and has a 3 layer coat! Their fluffy coat consists of 3 different fur types- guard hairs, awn hairs and down. The Siberian also produces it’s own natural oils to keep the coat and skin oily. These natural oils help keep your cat warm in the winter but also acts as a cooling agent in the hotter months. Luckily the oils also help prevent matting! Your Siberian will be grateful though for a regular brushing to help her distribute the oils through her coat (especially older cats) and to help prevent tangles and matts. Seasonal shedding is a bit more intense with the 3 layers so brushing is very important to get the loose fur out and to distribute the oils through to prevent matting in difficult to reach areas like the under arms and around the ears. Maxi helped create the BendiBrush to easily brush through her 3 layers. The multiple height tines quickly work through tangles and the bendable body and the corners can bend to reach the sensitive areas of the face and ears. The pride and joy of the Siberian is her full fluffy tail and the BendiBrush bends and wraps around the tail and quickly brushes through. Now we both really enjoy the relaxing grooming time together and Maxi enjoys the platform the Anipure Brand Ambassadorship gives her to preen and prance.
Grooming the Siberian Cat with the BendiBrush

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