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Can My Dog Get Sunburned?

Yes! Summer is the time for fun at the beach, the park or out on a hike with our dogs, but just like their people parents, dogs can become sunburned too. All breeds need to be protected. We need to be extra careful about the sensitive exposed areas like the nose, ears and belly. Dogs with thinner coats and fair colored fur are more susceptible to burning all over. Here are a few tips to keep your dog comfortable and safe while out enjoying the sun:
* Use protective clothing- Stylish and practical, a light t-shirt will protect the skin
* Walk in the shade and take breaks under an umbrella
* Consult with your vet about an appropriate UVA block lotion for the ears and nose

When you are back in from the sun, cool your dog down with a massage. The flexible rounded tip bristles of the BendiBrush will gently brush and massage your dog and the bristles will promote his skins’ natural oils to soothe and condition dry skin. Enjoy the sun!

BendiBrush and Summer Fun


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