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Do I Really Have to Brush My Short Haired Dog & Cat?

Absolutely yes! Especially now that the weather is warming and shedding season has begun. Short haired and long, double coated dogs and cats shed everyday, just like their human parents. It’s a natural rhythm of the hair follicles shedding dead strands and the skin exfoliating the dead skin cells. During the warmer months even short haired dogs and cats shed more fur to help them control their body temperature and stay cool. During this process, dander and dandruff also become more evident. Trapped and accumulating dead skin cells and fur can become really uncomfortable for your pet, making them itch and scratch. This can lead to skin abrasions and infections. Brushing helps remove the loose fur and dander and stimulate the follicles to produce natural oils to condition the skin. The BendiBrush is ergonomically designed for you to comfortably hold and contour around your pet’s body, making brushing fast and easy. The bristles are specially designed to effectively remove the shedding and dander. Regular quick brushing will keep your short haired pet comfortable and healthy everyday of the year!

BendiBrush Brushing Short Haired Dogs

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