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Does your Dog Hate Being Groomed on the Paws and Legs?

Does your dog hate being brushed or groomed on his legs and paws? It’s a natural reflex for most dogs to pull away and squirm when being groomed on the legs and paws. Unfortunately, the feet and the legs are very important areas for your dog’s health! Not only do tangles and matts easily form at the “armpits” and haunches around the legs , but the fur matts and clumps between your dog’s toes as it grows long. This causes pain and discomfort when running and walking and possible injury. We’ve all witnessed our dogs chewing on their paws, pulling on the matts. This can lead to irritation and pain on the delicate skin of the pads. Help your dog maintain healthy beautiful paws and legs. Best to start when they are young, but you can begin at any age. Train your dog to be comfortable with you touching his legs and feet. Play a game of handshake, slowly massage your dog up and down his front legs and paws. Touch the paw pads with your fingers, separate the toes. After a few sessions you will notice he is not pulling his paws away so quickly. In the next sessions massage his back legs and paws. Soon you will both enjoy this game and you can then slowly incorporate a little brushing. This is a great opportunity to monitor your pets foot health and bring him to your groomers or vet for a nail trim or to clip the fur between the toes when it gets too long. Regular brushing will help to maintain healthy paws and matt free legs. The BendiBush bends and contours around your dog’s legs to make the experience comfortable and quick. For the paws, give a gentle brushing with your fingers, first on the top of the feet and then the paw pads and in between toes. Next comb through any tangles. The corners of the BendiBrush bend and allow you to gently brush the top of the feet and reach in between toes. Your dog will run and jump with vigor with regular brushing on his legs and feet!
BendiBrush and Grooming Paws and Legs

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