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Don't Let Tangles Turn Into Matts!

The embarrassment for both your dog and cat when their beautiful coat has to be shaved close to the skin because they are so matted. Once the fur is matted it is extremely painful to your pet and stressful on your groomer to try and work out those knotted matts. Matts also trap dead skin cells and loose fur making your pets coat odiferous and can lead to skin infections. You can prevent this from happening! Short sessions of regular brushing keeps your pets skin healthy and fur tangle free. Brush through those knots before they become disastrous, painful matts. You can turn this into a spa session, so your dog and cat think they are getting a massage with simple brushing techniques. First do a gentle brushing with your fingers. This will calm your pet and allow you to feel where the tangles are. Next do a soft slow brushing with the BendiBrush. Start on the back and work around the problem free areas. Your pet is now enjoying the relaxing feeling of the bristles. Now you are ready to start at the tangles. Hold the roots of the tangles with your fingers to prevent any uncomfortable pulling. Start at the ends of the fur gently work your way down to the roots, gently brushing through the tangled strands. The multiple heights of bristles of the BendiBrush separate strands of fur and gently work through tangles. The body of the BendiBrush bends in half so the bristles sandwich around a tough tangle and can work it through from top and bottom.
Your pet will love these at home spa sessions and no one will be crying after the next grooming appointment

BendiBrush for Detangeling

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