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Get Ready for Shedding Season!

Long haired, short haired, double coated, single coated, cats, dogs, everyone is entering into shedding season! As the days become longer and the temperatures warmer, your pets’ instincts kick in. All pets shed on a daily basis (just like their human pet parents). Your pets’ fur though helps regulate their body temperature and keeps them protected and healthy. As the daylight increases and temperature becomes hotter your pet's body naturally regulates and sheds that excess fur to keep comfortable. Double coated dogs like the Huskie and cats like the Main Coon and in particular ones that spend a lot of time outdoors will “blow their coat”. The thick winter undercoat will shed in tufts. Shorter haired dogs and cats, indoor and outdoor, will begin to shed more noticeably. Are you prepared to help your pet comfortably transition? Regular and consistent brushing will help prevent matting and tangles as the strands fall. Brushing also keeps the skin healthy by removing the loose fur and dander and prevents the hair follicles from becoming clogged and infected. Your dog and cat will be so happy for the help and feel so much more comfortable! You and your family will be happy to have a house free of pet hair! Enjoy the Spring and shedding season!

BendiBrush Shedding SeasonBendiBrush Shedding Season for Cats

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