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Get your Dog Ready for Winter from Head to Toe With a 20% Off Gift on the BendiBrush!

Winter is here! In many areas colder temperatures and snow have begun.  How dogs love the crisp air and elements to run around in.  We have to make sure our dogs are protected and comfortable so they  can really enjoy the season!

Dogs with an double coat like the Pomeranian and Collie have an outer primary coat and an inner coat to naturally protect them against harsh weather.  Their thick fur keeps them warm and the double coated follicles produce a larger amount of oils to naturally protect the skin and fur from water.  It’s important to brush your double coated dog regularly during the colder season to prevent matting and distribute the oils throughout the coat.

Other breeds need a extra little help during the colder months.  Shorter hair breeds like the pug and breeds with a thinner coat of hair like the Havanese and Yorkie do not have a naturally thick coat to protect them and quickly become cold and uncomfortable outside.  Our senior dogs and puppies need extra protection too.  A staple wardrobe of a thick sweater, and water proof coat will keep your dog comfortable safe and stylish.  Sweaters and clothing can be an unusual sensation for dogs and will take time for them to feel comfortable.  A gentle brush before and definitely after getting undressed will help your dog with any itchiness from the clothing and detangle any knots in the fur the clothing causes.

Walking on the winter snow and slush is hard on your dog’s paws.  After walks check your dog’s feet.  Look at the pads and top of the feet and brush out any matted fur in between the toes.  The 4 corners of the BendiBrush bend and can and get into that hard to reach fur and the rounded tip bristles are gentle on the pads of the feet.

Happy Winter!  Celebrate with a 20% off gift from Anipurepets on the BendiBrush to keep your dog happy and comfortable in the cold season with code JOY2016

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