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Grooming The Silky Coat of the Havanese- Charlie our Brand Ambassador

Charlie is the Anipure Pet Products ambassador, co creator of the BendiBrush and a gorgeous Havanese. Like his relatives, Havanese are wonderful, good nature dogs with a luxurious coat! They are the national dog of Cuba and part of the Bichon family. Because of their origin and glorious coat they are sometimes referred to as the “Havana Silk Dog”. Fluffy and cotton candy like when they are puppies, the coat matures into long soft strands.
To maintain the beautiful healthy coat, regular brushing is a must to prevent tangles and matts and distribute the natural oils. The coat of the Havanese consists of soft strands of “hair” and not coarse fur. Havanese are low shedders, but even hypoallergenic dogs shed daily, and really shed when they are loosing their puppy coat. Many brushes currently on the market have metal tines that can damage and break the coat and scratch the sensitive skin of the Havanese. The rounded tip bristles and multiple height bristles of the BendiBrush gently separate the strands and prevent breakage and damage and are gentle on the skin. In order to thoroughly brush through tangles and pull out loose hairs it’s important to brush the whole coat, from roots to ends. “Line brushing” or brushing in sections is a good method. Hold a section of fur at the base of the root at the skin in your fingers and start by gently brushing from the ends, then middle, working your way down to the roots. This will prevent pulling and make your dog comfortable brushing through a tangle. If you encounter a difficult tangle the BendiBrush bends in half sandwiching the knotted strands between the bristles above and below, making it easy to brush through the tangle. To help with static electricity and smooth the strands, a helpful tip is to spritz the BendiBrush with a very diluted solution of conditioner for dogs and water.
Brushing is a wonderful time to bond and relax. Make it a fun daily activity. Starting as a puppy is important but older reluctant dogs can become comfortable too with a few treats and the right grooming tool- the BendiBrush. Charlie used to suffer from brush aversion, and had so many tangles and matts when we could not do a regular brushing. He is the inspiration and co created of the BendiBrush and now loves our regular brushing time together and is very pleased with his beautiful coat!  

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