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Hairballs Yuuuuuck!

We all know that sound, a combination of a cough and a gulp and then terror sets in for both you and your cat as our kitty throws up a huge hairball!  Cats are born self groomers and can spend a good part of the day licking and grooming.  It’s a big job especially when your cat is shedding off his winter coat.  Even short hair cats like Tabbys shed in the warmer months.  Why make your cat work overtime?  He really doesn’t like to swallow dirty fur.   Brushing gives your cat some time off and allows you both to bond in the grooming process.  The multiple height and flexible bristles gently brush through the fur, removing the loose dirty strands and dander, even brushing out tangles in a Persian or Maine Coon .  The rounded tip bristles of the BendiBrush reassuringly feels like your cats own tongue.  He’ll feel so much better when the dander and loose fur is gone, cooler and more comfortable with his natural oils massaged through his fur and skin.  Now the only sound you will hear are purrs and meows.



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