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Healthy Habits for 2017- Brush!

Brush! Brush! Brush your dog and cat! Whether their coats are long or short haired, the health and beauty benefits of brushing are many: heathy skin, healthy fur, healthy home and of course a pretty pet. Brushing helps maintain healthy skin by distributing and promoting the natural oils created by glands in the hair follicles of your pet’s skin. Regular brushing removes loose fur and dander to keep the hair follicles and skin clean, preventing irritation and infection. The rounded tip bristles of the BendiBrush gently massage the skin, promoting and distributing the natural oils and help to remove loose fur and minimize dander so your pet won’t scratch at dry flaky dander and irritate his skin. Brushing also lowers the amount of fur and dander in the house, improving air quality and helping with allergies. The natural oils brushed through the strands of fur also helps protect the coat and your pet in the harsh outdoor elements. Another benefit of the oils is to prevent tangles and matting. The multiple height flexible bristles of the BendiBrush gently separate and brush through tangles and undercoat. All dogs and cats shed but it is most noticeable in double coated breeds. Regular brushing especially during the shedding season of the warmer months will keep your pet matt free and comfortable and help with the daily house cleaning. Fewer matts and tangles also means shorter less stressful visits to the groomer! To make the experience enjoyable and easy for you both the BendiBrush was designed by a groomer to bend and contour around your pet’s body to comfortably reach and quickly brush through the coat of both long and short haired dogs and cats. A little brushing everyday would be wonderful, but you and your pet are busy. Make the goal achievable with a brushing session once or twice a week. Set aside some quiet bonding time or just brush on the go. You will both enjoy the health and beauty benefits for years!
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