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Help Your Pet Cope with Shedding Season

Think how uncomfortable it is for your pet during shedding season! As the seasons change and the weather becomes warmer your dog's and cat's body naturally adjusts. The extra fur during the winter kept your pet warm and safe, but as the temperature increases the extra fur sheds to cool and regulate your pet's body temperature. Your dog and cat will begin to self groom more, ingesting a lot of that fur and scratching at knots and tangles. Help your dog and cat be healthy and transition through the seasons comfortably. Both long and short haired dogs and cats shed and need extra care during the shedding season, especially our older pets. Short regular brushing sessions remove the loose fur and dirt, preventing tangles and matts. Brushing also distributes the natural oils, conditioning the skin and acting as a cooling agent. The BendiBrush has multiple height bristles to effectively brush through and pull out the loose fur, and the bendable body makes it quick and easy to reach every contour of your pet's body. Your dog and cat will be so happy for the help, and will be comfortably ready for Summer.

the BendiBrush for Shedding Season

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