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How To Introduce Your New Puppy To Grooming

A joyous holiday for sure bringing a new puppy into the family! The coming weeks will be filled with fun and activity for both you and your pup. There’s lots to do to on the checklist: Creating a comfy safe space for your dog, finding a good vet and trainer and having lots of exercise and fun. Another important check on the list is grooming. To keep your puppy healthy as well as beautiful at every stage, regular brushing is necessary. Brushing helps distribute the natural oils on the skin and the throughout the strands of fur. The oils keep the skin healthy and prevent dander and itching and also conditions the fur to prevent tangles and matting. Puppies with a double coat like the Pomeranian or a long coat like the Cockapoo have new soft tufts of billowy fur that will easily matt as the puppy fur sheds. Shorter hair breeds will still shed and brushing helps control the loose hairs and dander. Starting to groom your puppy early will help prevent groomer aversion later on and that will make everyone happy. There are a few easy steps to introduce your puppy to grooming and to make it a fun and enjoyable experience. Start with a few sessions of massage and touch. Make your puppy comfortable with having you touching his legs, belly and nose with a gentle brush with your fingers. Gradually introduce your puppy to a brush with short brushing sessions. Of course the last step after each session is a treat of loving praise and maybe a cookie! The BendiBrush is a wonderful grooming brush for puppies. Your puppy will enjoy the sensation of the smooth rounded bristles that are gentle on the skin. The multiple heights of bristles will also glide through the fur and any tangles, causing no discomfort. You will enjoy how the BendiBrush ergonomically fits the shape of your hand and how you can then inconspicuously approach your energetic puppy. The body of the BendiBrush easily bends and conforms around your pup's body, so you can quickly and easily brush a fidgety puppy. You both will feel like it was a relaxing massage session! Anipurepets wishes you and your pup many joyous brushing sessions and wants to gift you with 20% off of the BendiBrush with the code JOY2016.
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