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Introducing your Cat to Brushing

Cats love to groom and preen and strut about showing off their glorious coats. You watch your cat groom for hours. Though they will never admit it, cats secretly want a little brushing help to keep their skin and fur healthy and beautiful. Brushing also helps with hairballs, preventing your cat from swallowing the loose hair and dander when they lick. Cats do a good job of self grooming but they can’t reach every place: neck, hind legs and back. What to do if your cat seems disinterested or down right angry when you pull out a brush? Cats are curious and proud creatures, they need to decide when and agree to be brushed. Find a comfortable place and a time your cat is relaxed. Show him the brush, let him smell and touch it. For example, many cats begin by rubbing their chins and necks on their own against the BendiBrush bristles. It feels good! Now that your cat has given you permission, start slowly brushing down his back. The bendable body contours around your cat’s shape making it easy and fast to maneuver. Short sessions at first are recommended as cats do not have a lot of patience. It’s great to start when your cat is a young kitten but brushing can be introduced at any age and older cats especially appreciate the help. Both short haired and long haired cats shed loose fur and dander daily. The bristles of BendiBrush act like the cats own prickly tongue. The multiple height bristles easily brush through tangles and remove loose fur and dander. The rounded tips gently brush and massage the skin removing dander and distributing oils. You both will enjoy the time together and your cat will be secretly grateful.

BendiBrush Introducing your Cat to Brushing

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