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Keep your Dogs Cool in The Summer Heat

The temperatures are beginning to soar. You can keep your dogs cool and comfortable in the summer heat by following a few tips.
1. Plan your long walks and play earlier and later in the day when it is cooler and do the short relief walks during the hottest times.
2. Make a point of going slower and taking extra breaks.
3. Always bring a bottle of water on your walks and to the dog run to keep them hydrated.
4. Call your groomer and make an appointment for that cute short summer cut. Summer is also the season for daily brushing, especially if you have a double coated breed! Ensure they are comfortable and cool by brushing out the loose fur and dander that sheds every day.
The Bendibrush is fast, effective and fun to use. Your dog will be happy to relax and cool down with a brushing session at the end of a hot summer day!

Staying Cool with the BendiBrush

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