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Luxurious Fur & Luxurious Skin!

Every dog wants to look good but they also want to feel good.  Dry skin leads to scratching and dander.  We don’t want to look at the helpless expression on our buddies’ face as they scratch and scratch.  We can help them by doing a daily brushing (even a quick once over helps). Brushing removes dead skin, dander and loose dirty hair. An accumulation of dead cells and dander on your dog’s skin will promote bacteria and fungi. That’s itchy and stinky and uncomfortable for everyone and causes more scratching, aggravating the dander and even leading to raw spots.  Brushing with the smooth rounded tip bristles of the BendiBrush stimulates circulation and your dog’s natural oils and distributes the oils on the epidermis and follicles.  These natural oils are your dog’s own defense to dander and dry skin.   The multiple heights of bristles help distribute and work the natural oils through the strands of fur and act as a natural conditioner for your dog’s fur helping prevent tangles that can be uncomfortable and itchy.  A comfortable dog is a happy dog  (and less dander and fur on the floor and furniture is also a plus!).


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