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Massage- The Cat’s Meow!

Cats are very special creatures.  They love their alone time but they also love their cuddle time with you.  You can make that cuddle time even more beneficial and actually therapeutic for both you and your cat with massage.  Massaging lowers blood pressure, increases circulation and reduces stress for both you and your cat and is a wonderful way to bond. The frisky kitty and the slower older cat both will enjoy and benefit from a good massage. Allow your cat to tell you when the time is right and he is ready and open for a massage. You know your cat’s signals- the head rubbing on your leg, the rolling over on his back with that look and sly smile.  Now that you are both relaxed and in a comfy place, talk to your cat reassuringly. Take a few deep, calming breathes and start at his favorite spot. Long slow strokes with the palm of your hand around the back and head is relaxing. Gentle and light kneading with finger tips in the muscles of the shoulders and hips can be soothing.  Incorporate a few strokes with the Bendibrush.  The rounded tip bristles will gently glide over the skin promoting blood circulation. Intuitively move around his body and let your cat guide you. Notice your cat’s reactions, and adjust your motions and pressure.  This is a wonderful opportunity to monitor your cat’s health too. Check the skin, the fur and any sensitive areas.  Your cat will be very grateful and both of you will be happy and relaxed.

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