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My Cat Has Dandruff!

Does your cat have dry flaky dandruff? The dry annoying flakes are not only embarrassing and uncomfortable for your cat it also exasperates allergies and air quality in your home. Cat dandruff can be helped and prevented!
Daily brushing stimulates blood circulation to the epidermis and stimulates the production of the skin’s natural oils. Brushing distributes the oils and moisturizes the dry scaly skin. The round tipped bristles of the BendiBrush gently massage the skin with natural oils. Grooming time is a good opportunity to check the health of your cat’s skin. Look for any skin damage or infections from over scratching caused by the dandruff or skin parasites (especially if you have an outdoor cat).
Check with your Vet about your cat’s diet and overall health. Food allergies can also cause skin issues. Make sure all ingredients in your cat’s food are good for him and he is getting the proper nutrients and healthy oils. Also monitor your cats drinking to ensure your cat is hydrated and getting enough water.
With these easy steps your cat will be soon be comfortable and proud of his shiny dandruff free coat!

BendiBrush Brushing Helps with Dandruff

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