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Older Dogs and the Summer Heat

Summer heat is especially tough for our older dogs. Hot humid air can be hard to breath, and it’s more difficult for their bodies to cool off in the high temperatures. We have to help them stay cool and comfortable. Our older dogs don’t walk as far or as fast as when they were pups, but it is still important to be cautious so they do not overexert and overheat. It's best to walk during the cooler times of the day and take many water breaks. A fun and helpful tip is to walk some of the way and use a pet stroller for the rest. Your dog will love the covered shade and the breeze in his fur as he is being pushed. When you get back from the excursion, relax and cool down your pet with a gentle massage. The BendiBrush bends and conforms around the shape of your dog’s body and the specially designed bristles will gently massage. A massage is calming and cooling by stimulating the circulation and the production of the natural oils in the skin to help regulate the dog's temperature.

BendiBrush Massage

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