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Pigs Need Brushing Too!

Pot Bellied Pigs make wonderful pets. They are smart, playful and sensitive creatures.  Easily trainable-they can be taught to walk on a leash, and be indoor potty trained to use a litter box. Pot Belly pigs are curious and intelligent. They need stimulating activities and fun interactions to keep them occupied (and out of mischievous). There are many breeds and sizes of potbelly pigs from the Mini Juliana that reach 15 to 28lbs and 8 to 12.5” tall to the Standard Pot Belly pig that can reach 125 to 200lb and 16 to 26” tall.  A common misconception is that pot belly pigs are dirty.  They are actually very clean and fastidious animals.  Grooming and maintenance is low. They do not need regular bathing as they sweat through their noses and not skin. The skin of pot belly pigs is dry so we want to keep the natural oils intact. Regular brushing helps keep the skin healthy by distributing the oils.  Pot belly pigs have very coarse hair (not fur) and the hair does shed.  The shedding process is known as “blowing it’s coat” as the hair sheds in clumps once a year during the warm season.  To help your pig through this time brushing with the BendiBrush alleviates the itch of the dry skin and shedding by distributing the natural oils and removing the dander and loose hairs. The rounded tip bristles will feel wonderful and the flexible body of the brush will reach all of the curves. Your Pot Belly will love the belly rub!

To learn more about the different breeds of Pot Belly Pigs and to find the right companion for you, visit some of our favourite sites:

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