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Poodles Need Brushing Too!

Poodles are wonderful dogs! Intelligent, agile and so chic!  The gorgeous curly coat of the poodle needs special care and attention.   The poodle has just a single but thick layered coat of fur.  Only one strand of curly wiry fur grows from each follicle.   Poodles are considered minimal shedders but do shed.  The shedding cycle of loose fur and dander of the poodle is approximately every 21 days compared to other breeds that is every 3 or 4 days.   It is so important though to consistently and regularly brush your poodle to remove the loose strands as they don’t fall to the floor as most breeds but get caught in the curls and cause tangles and matting.   Those fabulous curls can also become tangled due to humidity and the harsh out door elements.  To keep the curls tangle free and supple regular brushing is needed.  The multiple height tines of the BendiBrush are firm but flexible and the rounded tips gently brush through the curls preventing tangles and not damaging or splitting the individual strands of fur. Be sure to brush from base of roots to ends. The bendable body of the BendiBrush contours around the shape of your dog’s body and easily reaches the tangle and matt prone areas of the poodle: the haunches, the “armpits”, the ears, the neck.

Skin care is also important for the poodle.  Ingrown strands of fur is a common and painful ailment for poodles.  This occurs when the hair follicle in the skin becomes clogged with dander and dead skin cells.  Regular brushing helps keep the follicles clean by removing the dander and promoting and distributing the natural oils of the hair follicle.

Enjoy the fun grooming sessions with your poodle and show off that fabulous fluffy top knot and ankle pompons!

BendiBrushing Poodles


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