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Rub-a-Dub-Dub! A Splash in the Tub!

Bath Time! It can be a tricky time and there are always a lot of questions.  How often do I need to give my dog a bath? What is the best way to do it?  How can I make it fun for my dog and for me?

It’s not necessary to bathe your dog often.  Your dog’s skin produces natural oils to keep the skin and coat healthy. It’s important not to strip these oils out. The main reasons to bathe your dog vary from making your dog less stinky to helping with an itchy skin condition.   Different breeds have different needs.  Use your parental judgement and your vet’s guidance.  It is also important to use a gentle shampoo specifically made for a dog’s skin with the correct ph level and ingredients if there is a special skin condition.

When it is bath time, be prepared with the right tools and steps and it will be an enjoyable spa experience for you and your dog.   Start with a good pre brush to remove loose fur and dander. Now you’re ready to get wet!  Smaller dogs can be bathed in your kitchen sink, larger dogs in your tub.  Make sure you and your dog are comfortable and that you can stand or sit in a position to hold your dog and prevent him from jumping out.  Find a comfortable water temperature for your dog-not too hot or too cold.  A helpful tip is to fill a container with water and gently pour the water over your dog’s body.  Be mindful to cover your dog’s eyes and ears so the water and shampoo do not hurt or sting.  A lot of water is required to really get all of the fur wet and to properly suds up and clean all of the fur.  A good brushing while you are shampooing really works the shampoo through and pulls out all of the loose fur, dirt and dander.  The BendiBrush is ergonomically designed and easy to hold while you’re shampooing. The body of the BendiBrush bends and contours around your dog’s body to quickly brush in the bathtub.  Your dog will love how it feels too.  Once all the loose fur and dirt are shampooed out, it is important to fully rinse out the fur, again gently pouring water all over his body until there no shampoo residue. Now your dog is all clean but still very wet.  Give a hand rub down and squeeze out excess water in his fur with your hands.  The last a step is to have a big fluffy towel ready and dry with love and vigor!

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