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Short Haired Dogs & Cats Need Brush Lovin’ too

Short haired breeds are wonderful low maintenance companions but they still need some brush love too to maintain a healthy coat and skin and to help the household be fur free and reduce allergies. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a dog or cat that does not shed.  Even short hair dogs and cats shed all year round.  It’s not as obvious for them as their long haired friends with undercoats that heavily and more noticeably shed seasonally in the Spring and Fall.  Short haired breeds shed small amounts of fur and dander every day and consistently throughout the year.  With some breeds like the Puggle, you can see the fur on your carpet.  For other breeds like the Poodle, the dander and shedding can become trapped in their coats.  It’s important to brush out the loose hair, dirt and dander to maintain and keep a healthy coat and skin.  With the BendiBrush, you can quickly brush through, removing the daily shedding and dander and distributing the natural oils for a healthy skin and coat. Regular brushing is much more fun for you and your pet than regularly vacuuming the sofa!  


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