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Should I Shave My Cat in the Summer?

The answer is No! Though the Lion cut is cute, shaving your cat does not keep him cooler in the summer heat. Your cat’s coat and the natural oils actually help control your cat’s body temperature, keeping him warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. His fur also protects him from sunburn and the damaging UV rays.

There are a few valid reasons to shave your cat, such as helping an elderly or obese cat who cannot self groom, or when your cat has matts that have reached the point of causing injury. Prevent these possibilities with brushing daily. The BendiBrush is an effective tool both you and your cat will enjoy. Your cat will love the rounded tip bristles and you will love how the body of the brush bends around the shape of his body to quickly reach all the knots and remove shedding.

Keep cool and enjoy a healthy summer!

BendiBrush and Cats in the Summer

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