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Summer Fun for your Cats!

Whether your cat is an indoor cat enjoying the AC, or spends his time outside in the grass and shade, make sure he is cool and comfortable in the summer heat. Keeping your cat hydrated is very important. Have extra drinking bowls in his various favorite spots indoor and out. Entice him to drink with a fun pet water fountain or plain ice cubes. Your cat will spend hours playing and licking cold ice cubes! During the warmer months, your cat will instinctively groom more and then ingest more of the shedding. Help your cat with his self grooming by daily brushing to get out the loose fur and dander. Regular brushing will not only keep your cat cooler, it will help with the hairballs. If your cat is an outdoor cat regular brushings will help monitor any ticks and fleas too. The unique bristles of the BendiBrush easily pull out the loose fur and dander. Brushing is a cooling, quick activity and will be a wonderful help for your cat in the heat.

Summer Grooming with the BendiBrush

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