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Tangle Prevention-Help your Groomer, Help your Dog!

Imagine having a knot in your hair that is so bad you have to cut it out! This is what most dog’s experience by the time they get to the groomers. Then both your dog and the groomer go through the arduous and painful process of brushing and pulling to break the knot until finally both are so exhausted they give up and get out the shears to cut the knotted matt out (usually leaving a very obvious spot!) Help your groomer, help your dog! This doesn’t require more frequent visits to the groomer, it just requires a little beauty upkeep at home. Dogs, like people, love attention and your dog would love a daily or weekly quiet pampering time with you. It can be a quick brushing session. Just concentrate on the areas that are tangle prone and do a little easy brushing before the knots (and then matts) form. The area behind and around the ears tangles easily. Regular brushing keeps the area around the ears matt free and clean and helps with potential ear infections. For longer haired and double coated dogs the tail and rear area can easily become matted and trap dirt. Brushing will keep everyone clean and happy. Your dogs are active and can get tangles and matts in between their toes. This can become painful for your dog to walk on. Don’t forget to brush the tops of the feet and in between toes. The corners of the BendiBrush can easily bend and reach the hairs in between the toes. This is also a good time to check the health of their pads. Just a little at home pampering will keep your dog healthy and comfortable and make the time at the groomers easy and quick

BendiBrush Tangle Prevention

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