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Tangles! Help!

We never want to hit a tangle and hear that yelp when we brush. If you have a long coated dog or cat this can happen. Here are a few tips to help make the experience of achieving a tangle free coat possible.
Short regular brushing sessions maintain a healthy coat and skin and minimize tangles from happening and matts from ever forming. It can be a fun time for both you and your pet to look forward to by following a few steps: First, start by doing a comb through with your fingers. Your dog and cat will think they are getting petted, but you are actually checking the condition of the fur and finding the knotted problem areas. Tangles usually form in places that have a lot of friction or areas that are difficult for your pet to self groom, like under the “arm pit” area, around the bum and tail, and around the ears. By first touching and petting those areas, your dog or cat will now be more receptive to the brush. Next begin with a quick brush in the problem free areas like the back, to get out loose fur and dander. Finally, slowly start at the tangles. It’s important to prevent any painful tugging by holding the roots of the knots with your fingers and start brushing from the tip of the fur working through the knot till you reach the roots. The body of the Bendibrush folds in half, allowing you to sandwich a knot between the multiple height bristles to effectively work through a tangle. Your dog and cat will be blissfully unaware and in the end will have a silky, smooth coat!

BendiBrush Detangling

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