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The Anipure Pets and BendiBrush 20% Off Holiday Thank You!

On this Thanksgiving let us count the many ways we are thankful for our cats & dogs.  From the love and comfort they provide to the joy and smiles they give every day.  Facebook, tweet, email us at Anipurepets why you are thankful for the gifts your furry family members give. 

We at Anipurepets are thankful to Charlie for his playful personality and the love he gives us and thankful to Maxi for her beauty and her warmth.

As a special thank you for all the love they give us, include your dog and cat in the Thanksgiving feast with a special quick, easy and healthy treat.  Charlie loves a frozen organic pumpkin puree ice cube.  Maxi enjoys her ice cube with a little a little Tuna juice mixed in *.  They have a blast eating them and are part of the family party.

After enjoying the treats and the festivities we can truly pamper them with a Holiday gift of the BendiBrush.  Receive a 20% off gift from Anipurepets with the code JOY2016.

Happy Thanksgiving!

* Happy Holidays! Always check with your vet about the best nutritional plan and ingredients for your pet especially during the Holidays

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