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The Joyous Holidays can be Stressful for your Cat

The holidays are a joyous time filled with friends and family, cheer and celebrations. Your cat though may not be so enthusiastic. The boisterous gatherings can be overwhelming for your cat. The noise, the movements and unfamiliar people can be stressful and a separate party exclusively for your cat will be greatly appreciated. Set aside your cat's favorite bed in a quiet room, filled with her favorite scratching post and a private buffet of her favorite treats. Though it is a party, catnip toys will be overly stimulating. A spray of natural lavender is a calming way for your cat to relax and enjoy the festivities. She may be open to greeting guests but let her decide. Tell your party goers about the separate cat party and how to approach your cat. They should casually enter the room and gently say hello without eye contact. Party time is not the best time for petting so you can schedule a date for another day. Though your cat might not like big crowded holiday parties, she does love holiday treats and presents! The BendiBrush is the purrfect stocking stuffer and she will love the quiet brushing time so she can look her fluffiest for the New Year's Eve bash! Enjoy 20% off of the BendiBrush as Anipurepets holiday gift to you and your cat with code JOY2016.

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