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The Majestic Main Coon

The Maine Coon is a majestic and beautiful cat. They are large and gentle with a very distinctive coat of fluffy, silky fur with tufts of it growing at the tip of the ears. The coat has a shaggy appearance as the fur on the head and around the shoulders is shorter and progressively gets longer on the belly and hind legs. The Maine Coon was breed for the harsh cold and wet weather of New England. Natural oils are produced in the hair follicles and leave the silky coat somewhat oily. This oil helps the thick belly fur be water resistant in the Maine elements. The long fluffy tail acts as warm cushion to sit on a snow bank and long tufts of fur grow between the toes to keep them warm and agile while running on the snow and ice. To keep your Maine Coon naturally protected and beautiful, regular brushing is needed. The double coat is not as dense as other long haired cats but the long silky fur of the belly and hind legs is tangle prone. The multiple height tines of the BendiBrush gently brush through the fur distributing the natural oils and removing loose fur and dander. This is especially helpful during the warmer months when your Main Coon is shedding that extra winter fur. Brushing will give your Maine Coon a little deserved pampering after all his adventures (even if it is climbing his cat tree in the living room).

BendiBrush and the Maine Coon Cat

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