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The Pomeranian Pouf

The Pomeranian is famous for a pouf of fabulously fluffy fur for a coat. The thick fur consists of a dense undercoat and a long top layer of guard fur. The Poms’ unique coat has special needs and requirements at each stage of life. The Pomeranian puppy has a thick single coat of soft silky fur. Shedding begins at around 4 to 6 months and then a double coat of thicker slightly textured fur grows in. The puppy shedding period can be intense with full patches of fur falling out. Brushing during this transition time is very important to remove the loose tufts of fur and to prevent matting to allow the adult fur to grow in. Brushing also helps keep the follicles clean and healthy as the guard hairs are produced. The BendiBrush has multiple height tines that easily brush through tangles and remove shedding fur. During this time the Pom’s fur color can drastically change from black to chocolate brown or brown to orange. To keep the double coat and skin of the adult Pom healthy and strong, regular brushing is important. Fur sheds on a daily basis and if the loose strands are not brushed out, tangles and matts can quickly form. Matts in the thick coat can trap dead skin cells and clog the hair follicles with oil causing your pup to become stinky and may cause skin issues. The rounded strong yet flexible bristles of the BendiBrush will brush through the thick layers pulling out the loose strands and gently massage the skin distributing the oils and remove dander. Distributing the natural oils will also keep the fur strand supple and prevent breakage. After brushing with the BendiBrush your Pomeranian will love to show off his full healthy fluffy coat!

BendiBrush and the Pomeranian

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