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The Special Needs of Our Older Dogs

The fur begins to turn a beautiful grey around the muzzle, the walks become a little slower and the naps a little longer, it’s the natural rhythm of life. The spirit of your dog will always be of a joyful puppy but as they age their muscles, skin and fur changes. The skin naturally becomes drier, leading to more dander. The coat becomes duller and fur more tangle (matt) prone.
Drier skin and matted fur makes your pet uncomfortable and itchier. Scratching can cause abrasions and lead to infection. Drier, irritated skin is also more susceptible to parasites and fleas.
As your pet ages they self groom less frequently. A short daily brushing and massage can be so beneficial. A quick brushing and massaging session will clean out the dander and loose fur. Brushing also stimulates the oil glands and circulation. The rounded tips of the BendiBrush gently massages the sensitive skin of the older dog and easily combs through the fur. A brushing session is a comforting enjoyable time for your older dog and promotes good skin and muscle health.

BendiBrush- Brushing Your Older Dog

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