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The Wonderful Westie

Popular on the show circuit, the pure white West Highland Terrier is friendly, outgoing and very self assured. So fun to watch the Westie confidently strut the show with their distinctive long flowing “skirt” of fur around their legs and belly. The Westie has a very unique hairstyle. The coat is trimmed close on the back and broad shoulders, feathering into a long “skirt”. The expressive face is framed with a halo of long hair and the tail trimmed tight into a “carrot” shape.
The tailored hair style of the white Westie looks high maintenance, but with regular brushing and the occasional trim is easy to keep up. The coat consists of thicker, harder hairs on top and a softer undercoat. Westies have a dry wiry top coat so it is important to stimulate the natural oils with regular brushing to keep healthy. Brushing also helps keep the snow white coat pure looking by removing dirt and distributing the natural oils to maintain shine. A dry shampoo of brushing cornstarch through the coat can help keep the fur clean as frequent bathing is not recommend because of the dry nature of the skin. Gentle cleaning around the eyes with a soft warm cloth helps remove the colored discharge from the tear ducts and a gentle toweling and brushing around the muzzle will keep the eyes and face healthy and pretty. The rounded corners of the BendiBrush bend and can easily reach and brush the sensitive areas of the face. To maintain the distinctive Westie haircut, show dogs prefer the “stripping method” that removes the undercoat with a stripping knife and makes the top hairs coarser. Most Westies though enjoy regular clipper cuts at home or at the groomers. Clipping tends to make the hair softer.
Westies love the attention and the quality time of grooming with you and with regular grooming your Westie will proudly swing his flowing white skirt whether at the show or just on the sidewalk.

Anipurepets BendiBrush the Westie dog

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