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Tips and Tricks Traveling with your Pet

Have a fun summer traveling on vacation with your pet! Here are a few tips and tricks to pack in your doggy bag to keep your dog or cat comfortable and calm when traveling.
Dinnertime! Remember to pack your pet’s regular every day food. Traveling is not the best time to switch diets or introduce a new food. Bring a snack pack of food as well as water for the car, plane or train, and if possible take their everyday bowls to eat out of at the hotel.
Favorite Blanket-Your pet will feel instantly calm and at home with their favorite blanket on any strange new bed or sofa. The blanket will also keep them warm and comfy in overly air conditioned cars or hotels.
Keep your Rituals-Does your pet like to play ball or have brushing and massage time with you in the morning or before bedtime? Keep that ritual while you are away. Your pet will have fun and will be relaxed following his regular routine. Keeping up on your regular brushing sessions also means they won’t return home with knots and tangles. The BendiBrush is easy to pack and use while you’re traveling.
Have a fun Summer and Happy Travels!BendiBrush for Traveling


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