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Tips to Make Grooming Less Stressful

Our pups love to look good and be stylish! Regular grooming at home and with a professional groomer keeps our dogs beautiful and healthy. We can make the experience with a professional groomer fun for everyone and less stressful. Here are a few tips and tricks to prep your dog at any age for a joyful grooming time.

Different touches in different areas. When you have quiet time with your pup do a short massage session. Touch your dog all over: the legs, the paws, the belly. Let him feel comfortable and accepting with your fingers and palm moving around. Both younger and older dogs will enjoy the touch and massage. This will make your dog more comfortable with the groomer (and vet) touching and reaching.
In between at home grooming is so important! Your pup will enjoy the bonding time with you and brushing and bathing will become a normal enjoyable activity. Regular brushing with the BendiBrush will prevent matting and tangles. The most stressful time for both your dog and the groomer is the “pre brush” before the bath and haircut. This can be painful and time consuming if there are lots of knots and matts. Make everyone happy by regular brushing at home so your pup can come to the groomers and just luxuriate with a bubble bath and a chic haircut and not be stressed out by a knot and matt removing session.
Choose a type of groomer that works for you. Is your dog outgoing or shy? Does she love an adventure or prefer to stay home? There are many options and services that professional groomers now offer. If your dog is very social a trip to the grooming salon will be fun. There are also groomers on the go with moveable salons in vans that will come to you. If your pup has special needs or would be more comfortable at home a personalized groomer that does house calls would be a great option.
With a little prep you and your dog will enjoy and look forward to grooming. It takes a lot of work to look so good and be healthy!

Less Stressful Grooming with the BendiBrush

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