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Welcoming a New Furry Family Member During the Holidays

A furry addition is a wonderful gift to you and your family.  Whether you adopt an older dog or cat or bring in a puppy or kitten, a lot of love will grow in your home for many years to come. Preparing to welcome your new furry family member can be part of the celebration.  It will be a big transition for your new cat or dog.  Decide on a good place in your home where your dog or cat can settle in and claim as their spot.   Make sure it is safe with no loose electric cords or breakables.  Make it cozy and small at first, closing a section off with a gate or a crate and putting in a comfy bed.   Have an area for fresh water and food.  Keep your dog or cat on his original diet until you consult with your vet and transition the food slowly.  The excitement of the move into your home may cause your dog to forget any potty training, so be prepared.  For your cat, set up a private area for the kitty litter box. A nervous dog or cat appreciates calm and will welcome gentle hellos at first. Consult with your vet or trainer about any behavioral issues.  As everyone becomes more comfortable and adjusted in the family, the fun of training and grooming can begin!  Work with your dog every day on a command. Start with “sit” and work up to “come, touch hand”. Your cat will love a daily chase of a feather toy with you.  Regular grooming is also so important to start early on.  Your new pup or cat will love the attention from you and the feeling of being brushed. Regular brushing promotes healthy skin and fur and is a wonderful bonding time for you both.  Anipurepets would like to gift you and your new furry family member with 20% off of the BendiBrush with the code JOY2016. Happy Holidays!

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