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Your Older Cat and Self Grooming

It’s fascinating to watch our cat stretching in all of these advanced yoga poses peacefully licking his prickly tongue through his fur. Cats can spend up to half the day self grooming!  A ritual started with their mothers at birth, grooming is an instinctual act.  Licking and grooming pulls the loose fur out and conditions his skin and coat with his natural oils and saliva which help your cat control his body temperature.  Cats have very unique tongues covered with little “bristles” .  Licking over their skin stimulates their blood circulation, promoting good skin and overall health.   The older our cat becomes the more difficult self grooming becomes.  We can help our older cat be comfortable with a daily brush to remove the loose fur and distribute natural oils and stimulate circulation.  The BendiBrush bendable body gently contours around your cats body and easily brushes all of the difficult to reach areas for your older cat.  The rounded tips of the BendiBrush bristles mimic the feel of your cat’s own tongue, reassuring him with every stroke. They will be thankful and you will both enjoy the relaxed time together. 




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