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Success Stories About the BendiBrush



 Letters Sent In

Thank you so much! Sophie usually runs and squirms when she sees a pet brush! She’s still a puppy and has that puppy fur with knots and tangles so it is so important to regularly brush her and deshed her coat. Now she comes right over to us when she sees the BendiBrush! For her it’s pet time, for us it’s quick, easy and no more tangles or fur on the sofa!                                                                            

-Sophie's Mom Kara, May 2016


The hairballs have stopped! Lucille is happy and we are thrilled! She now enjoys the brushing! Smart girl, she realizes we are doing the work for her!

 - Lucile's Dad, Dan      March 2016


Ruari and I enjoy our quite time together in the evening.  He is an old guy (11yrs!) and he loves the massage with the BendiBrush, he relaxes and falls asleep!

-Ruari's Mom,  Anne March 2016


Bailey and Blissa actually come running over when they see the BendiBrush.  They think it's fun time, for me it saves time vacuuming all the hair and dander off the furniture and floor!

Bailey & Blissa's Mom, Lisa February 2016