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See Why the BendiBrush is a Great Brush for Cats


Brush Daily For a Healthy Coat and Skin and to Prevent Hairballs, Tangles & Knots

Brush Flat to Remove Shedding

  • Multiple heights and strong flexible bristles comb through and quickly remove loose hair and dirt.

  • Rounded tips gently massage skin, promoting blood circulation and natural oils for a healthy skin and coat.

Bend to Detangle

  • Bend the brush and sandwich tangled and knotted fur between the bristles and gently comb through.  Hold the tangled and knotted fur at the roots to make your cat comfortable.

  • The BendiBrush comfortably contours around the cat's body.

  • Bend the corners to easily reach sensitive areas.

* Use Wet to Catch Loose Long or Short Hair