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Learn Why the Bendibrush Is Best Brush for Dogs


Brush Flat to Remove Shedding 

  • Multiple heights and strong flexible bristles comb through and quickly remove loose hair and dirt as well excess undercoat.

  • Rounded tips gently massage skin, promoting blood circulation and natural oils for a healthy skin and coat.

  • Bend to Detangle & Remove Knots

    • Bend the brush and sandwich tangled and knotted fur or hair between the bristles and gently comb through.  Hold the tangled and knotted hair or fur at the roots to make your dog comfortable.

    • The BendiBrush comfortably contours around the dog’s body.

    • Bend corners of the dog brush to easily reach sensitive areas.


    * Use Wet or Dry On All Short or Long Hair Fur Types

    Brush Daily for a Beautiful Coat, Healthy Skin and to Prevent Tangles & Knots